Roy Lichtenstein

Roy Lichtenstein
Huh? I say no make sure! Roy Lichtenstein

Signed and dated, R. Lichtenstein 1976

128 x 98 cm

One of the original pioneers of Pop Art, alongside Andy Warhol, Lichtenstein is one of the most historically important artists of the twentieth century. Using American advertising and comic book style print as a platform to up end and break away from the shackles of ‘good’ taste and ‘academic’ art, this trailblazing New Yorker had no pretence in his quest to make low art high art and beyond.
His graphic style, reduced form and Benday dot technique glamourised and elevated the base ad strip to provocative and alluring works of art that would have a part in shaping the canon of western art irreversibly.
In his latter years, Lichtenstein paid homage to Picasso, Mondrian and Cezanne in re-creating their masterpieces splicing his style with theirs making for hugely successful print runs.
Record smashing, groundbreaking and thought provoking, the pop sensation still invites discourse and dispute to this day.
A truly modern artist inspiring higher prices and affirming his place in the highest calibre of art collections as time goes on.