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Diego Portuondo (1981-) Wesselman Modern Masters 21.7 x 17.2 inches C-Type print Edition of 3 images 2010

Diego Portuondo
21.7 x 17.2 inches
C-Type print
Edition of 3 images

Modern Masters
55 x 44 cm
C-Type print
Edición de 3 imágenes

Diego Portuondo was born in Bilbao, Spain in 1981. At the age of 7 he went to Ampleforth College, a Catholic boarding school in the north of England. Portuondo benefited from Ampleforth’s highly artistic curriculum Vitae, exposing him to all mediums of artistic expression, and of course a deep study of History of Art. It was during this time that he developed a tremendous passion for art. At the age of 12, he was taught how to use a dark room and a reflex camera, it was evident that he would excel in this medium. By the age of 17, Portuondo came in the top 20 art students in the United Kingdom, allowing him to attend university at the prestigious LCP London College of Printing after completing a media foundation course at Central St Martins. However, after 2 years he decided to leave LCP as he felt that his artistic qualities were not developing in the right direction. Portuondo’s family also had an impact on his passion for art and aesthetics, his mother an eccentric designer, his father, a prestigious antique dealer and finally his older brother an Old & Modern masters dealer. Portuondo was exposed to art and artists since he was a child, allowing him to discover and learn about different artistic cultures.

Portuondo decided to devote his time on making himself an artist, by August 2004 he did his first solo show “Head On” which sold out twice over. In this show Portuondo reinvented his style and re-acquainted himself with artistic photography after a brief period working with fashion photography. Portuondo’s “Head On” series uses photography as a medium for artistic expression, nature and human form unite to convey deeply expressive emotion. Explored through form, the play between black & white and colour, and also controlled versus natural light create a world of Portuondo’s own, that we are only briefly invited to visit. His investigation on aesthetics is not only reflected on his images, but also his choice of subject matter
This series showcases his unique approach to photography by highlighting the spectacular effect of superimposition.
Diego Portuondo pays homage to the preeminent artists of the 20th century by superimposing their iconic imagery onto Ibizan churches in Modern Masters. Portuondo’s use of appropriation is an imaginary study commenting on the centuries old practice of religious institutions commissioning artists. He places masterpieces made for interiors on the outside of buildings therefore converting each painting into ‘master graffiti’. This reverenced salute showcases the artist’s mastery of photographic manipulation in this current digital age.

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