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« Jose Maria Yturralde, ‘Figura Imposible’. 1968. Spain

Jose Maria Yturralde, 'Figura Imposible'. 1968. Spain

Jose Maria Yturralde

(Cuenca 1942-)
“Figura Imposible” Impossible Figure, 1968
Plastic and flourescent paint on panel
133 x 82,5 cm
Signed, dated and titled on the back ( Jose Maria Yturralde/ Figura Imposible/ 1968


Galeria Bal i 30, Valencia, 1968;
Private collection, Madrid.


Born in 1942. He lives and works in Valencia. BA and PhD in Fine Arts by the Polytechnic University of Valencia. Full member of the San Carlos Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Valencia. Professor in Painting at the Fine Arts College of Valencia. Fellow (post obtained through competitive examination) of San Juan de Ribera Hall of Residence, Burjasot.

In 1968, scholar at the Calculus Centre of Madrid University. He starts his first computer works. First exhibition of Computable Forms in 1969. Ibizagràfic Award 72 and 76.

Awards “B.G. Salvi” and “Premio Europa” Ancona, Italy in 1972. Grant by Juan March Foundation in 1974 to stay at the MIT, USA. Research Fellow at the Center for Advanced Visual Studies, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In 1978, Fullbright-hays grant for the Salzburg Seminar in American Studies. In 1990 he is invited to participate in the International Triennial Toyama Now, Japan.

In 1991 and 1992, he travels to Moscow, Leningrad, Alma Ata, Taschkent, Bukhara, and Samarkanda following an invitation by the Russian Artist Union, to deliver courses and lectures about his works. Mural Painting and Sculpture Competition Award, Valencia Underground, 1995. Alfonso Roig Award, Diputación de Valencia. 1995.

In 1996, one-month stay at U.N.A.M. Mexico F.D. course and various actions around “Flying Structures”. He goes back to Mexico in 1998 to exhibit his works in several museums. Also in that year, he is invited to participate in the “First European Nature Triennial” in Dragsholm Slot Odsherred, Denmark. He installs the pieces “Frame the Forest”, “Hyperweb” and “Flying Structure”. Exhibition of his last piece in Buenos Aires, Montevideo, Sao Paulo and Paris.

He has published numerous papers, lectures, and articles; he is also the author of the books “Estructuras 1968-1972: Series Triangular-Cuadrado-Cubos-Prismas”; “La cuarta dimensión. Ensayo metodológico para la proyección geométrica de estructuras N-Dimensionales”, and the co-author of “Hypergraphics. Visualizing Complex Relationship in Art, Science and Technology”.

His most important exhibitions

1967 – IX Bienal of Sao Paulo, Brasil.
1969 – “Computable Forms”, Calculus Centre, Madrid University.
1970 – “Impossible Figures”, René Metrás Gallery, Barcelona.
1972 – Coltejer Art Biennale, Medellín, Colombia.
1973 – “Structures 1968-72”, Madrid Contemporary Art Museum. “Computer Art”, Gallery of Contemporary Art, Zagreb. Yugoslavia. “Lunds, Kunsthall, Lund. Sweden.
1975 – “Ambiguous Structures”, Center for Advanced Visual Studies, M.I.T. Cambridge, Massachusetts, U.S.A. “Hypergraphics”, Carpenter Center, Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass. U.S.A. Apogee Gallery, Princeton, New York, Dallas, and Washington.
1977 – “New Generation 1967-77”, Palacio de Velazquez. Madrid.
1978 – “From Nature to Art, from Art to Nature”, Venice Biennale, Italy.
1979 – Galerie de L´Université, Paris. France. “20th Century Spanish Painting”, Modern Art Museum, Mexico. “The Expanding Visual world”, Museum of Fun, Tokyo, Japan. “Holographies”, Ateneo, Valencia.
1981 – “Flying Structures”, Joan Miró Foundation, Barcelona.
1982 – “Sky Art”, Center for Advanced Visual Studies, M.I.T. Cambridge, Mass. U.S.A.
1983 – “Ars Electronica”. Linz. Austria.
“Garden of Ice”, Navarra Festivals, Castillo de Olite, Navarra.
1984 – “Leonardo, Design and Computers”, La Lonja. Valencia.
1986 – “Spatium Temporis”, Caixa de Pensions Exhibition Hall, Valencia.
“Processes”, Queen Sofia Art Centre. Madrid.
1989 – “Geometric Art in Spain 1957-1989”, Centro Cultural de la Villa, Madrid.
1990 – “Toyama Now Triennial” The Museum of Modern Art Toyama, Japan.
1991 – Tetriakov New Gallery, Moscow, U.S.S.R.
“Monochromes”, Theo Espacio. Madrid.
1992 – “IVAM Collection” Institut Valencià d´Art Modern. Valencia.
1993 – “Preludes”, Theo Gallery. Valencia.
“Spanish visionaries”, Queen Sofia National Museum, Madrid.
1994 – “100 years of Valencian Painting, 1880-1980”, IVAM. Valencia.
1995 – “Flying Art”, Pilar i Joan Miró Foundation. Palma de Mallorca.
1996 – “Before Art”, Spanish Institute, New York.
“Preludes- Interludes”. Parpalló Gallery. Valencia.
1997 – “Constructive Tradition in the IVAM Collection” in “Arco 97”, Madrid.
1997 – “Interludes”, La Nave Gallery. Valencia.
1998 – “Preludes-Interludes”, Altxerri Gallery, San Sebastián. “Preludes-Interludes”, José Luis Cuevas Museum. México FD. “Preludes-Interludes”, Cabañas Cultural Centre. Guadalajara, Mexico. “L’air, les gómetries et la mer”. Spanish School, Paris. “The first European Art Nature Triennial”, Odsherred. Denmark.

1999 – “Preludes-Interludes” Travelling exhibition, Fine Arts National Museum, Buenos Aires. Argentina. Visual Arts National Museum, Montevideo. Pinacoteca do Estado, Sao Paulo. Brazil. “Preludes-Interludes-Postludes” Miguel Marcos Gallery, Barcelona. Retrospective exhibition, IVAM Julio González Centre, Valencia. “Abstraction Images. Spanish painting and sculpture 1969-89” Caja Madrid Foundation, MEAC and Alhajas Hall, Madrid. “ARTEBA’99”, Buenos Aires. 2nd Mercosur Biennial, Porto Alegre, Brazil.
2000 – “IVAM Collection”, Julio González Centre, Valencia.
2001 – “Postludes”, La Nave Gallery”, Valencia
2002 – Altxerri gallery. San Sebastián.
2003 – “The Calculus Centre 30 years after”, Contemporary Art Museum. Alicante, Alicante University MUA, Alicante University Museum. Ibiza, Contemporary Art Museum.
“Summer Collective Exhibition” Rayuela Gallery, Madrid. “Spanish Constructivism” Muro Art Gallery. Valencia, exhibition May and June. “MicroUTOPIAS, Art & Architecture. 2nd Biennale of Valencia, Valencia 8 June – 30 September 2003. “About the Sublime Void”. Miguel Marcos Gallery, Barcelona. 23 January – 28 de March. The same exhibition travels to Miguel Marcos Gallery, Zaragoza. 23 May – 21 June.
2004 – “Postludes”, Rayuela Art Gallery. Madrid, 4 March – 7 April.
“Art and Architecture II. José María Yturralde. Exhibition of a single serigraphy and video about the author and his works. Exhibition Hall, College of Architects, Valencia. 23 September – 8 October.
2005-2006- “Postludes”. CAB Caja de Burgos Art Centre. “José María Yturralde”. Javier López Gallery. Madrid. 16 November 2005 – 10 January 2006.
2005-2006 “El Arte Sucede. Origen de las Prácticas Conceptuales en España, 1965-1980”
Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía. Madrid. 11.10.06 
“Espacio, Tiempo, espectador. Instalaciones y nuevos medios en la colección del IVAM”. IVAM, Valencia.26.09.06 – 04.02.07
”Spain & Latin Print”, SIPA. Bellarte Gallery. Seoul, Korea. September 27 – October 1. 06
2007 – “Yturralde, obra reciente”. La Nave Galería, Valencia. 7.06.07 – 20.07.07.
“José María Yturralde”. Galería Javier López, Madrid. 11.12.07 – 01.02.08
“The Armory Show”, Gering & López Gallery. New York. 23 – 26 February
“Reino y Ciudad. Valencia en su historia”. Centro del Carmen, Valencia. Desde 17.04.07
“Art Brussels, 25th Contemporary Art Fair”. Bruselas, Gering & López Gallery. N.Y.
”Optische erlebnisse”, Instituto Cervantes, Viena (Austria). Dezember 4. 06 – January 12. 07
2008 – “Yturralde, New Paintings” Gering & López Gallery. New York. 17.01.08 – 23.02.08 
“(Nove) tendencije – Computer and visual research Zagreb 1961 – 1973” Center for Art and Media. Karlsruhe. From 23.02.08
2009 – “El espacio ausente” Galería Rafael Ortiz. Sevilla. 18.09.08 – 28.10.08
“Yturralde. Obra Reciente”. Galería Altxerri. San Sebastián. Desde 15.05.09
“Blanco y Negro. Sujeto, espacio , percepción”. Fundación Chirivella Soriano, Valencia. 06.02.09 – 28.04.09
“Geometries”. Sala Martínez Guerricabeitia. Universidad de Valencia. 07.07.09 – 18.10.09
2010 – “Yturralde. Obra Gráfica”. Universidad Politécnica de Valencia. 4.02.10 – 27.04.10
“Horizons”. Gering & López Gallery. New York. 02.26.10 – 04.17.10

Works in museums and collections

Abstract Art Museum of Cuenca
Fine Arts Provincial Museum of Valencia
Contemporary Art Museum of Ibiza
Villafamés Museum (Castellón)
Spanish Museum of Contemporary Art, Madrid
Contemporary Art Museum, Seville
Contemporary Art Museum of Espiritu Santo, Brazil
P.R. Norman Collection, New Orleans. USA.
Brooklyn Museum, New York. USA.
Wroklaw National Museum, Poland.
Centre de Recherches Visuelles, Empain, Brussels.
Hasting Foundation, New York, U.S.A. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, U.S.A.
Carpenter Center, Harvard University, U.S.A.
Modern Art Museum, Lanzarote.
Alto Aragón Museum, Huesca.
Juan March Foundation, Madrid.
Dept. of Art and Sciences, The Asahí Shimbun, Tokyo. Japan.
Musée de Verck sur Mer, France.
Musée Municipel de l´Estampe, Roquebrune-Cap-Martin, France.
Museu d´Art Contemporani dels Països Catalans, Banyoles. Fine Arts Museum, Vitoria.
Collection of Provincial Council, Valencia. Valencia Council Collection.
Collection of Provincial Council, Alicante.
Art Català Contemporani. Fons d´art de Xarxa Cultural. Barcelona.
National Library Collection. Madrid.
Valencian Council of Culture. Valencia.
Novgorod National Museum. Russia. IVAM. Institut Valenciá d´Art Modern, Valencia.
National Museum, Queen Sofia Art Centre, Madrid.
Pilar i Joan Miró Foundation. Palma de Mallorca.
Mural Painting and Sculpture Collection, Valencia Underground. Generalitat Valenciana.
Juan March Foundation, Palma de Mallorca. City of Valencia Museum. Valencian Parliament.
Caja Madrid Foundation, Madrid. Ernesto Ventòs Omedes Collection. Barcelona.
Col·lecció Caixa de Pensions. Barcelona. “De Pictura” collection, Madrid.
Ernesto Ventós Omedes Collection, Barcelona. Patio Herreriano.
Fundación Martinez Guerricabeitia. Universidad de Valencia.
Spanish Contemporary Art Museum. Valladolid. Visocan Collection of Contemporary Graphic Art, 1978 – 2002.
Empresa viviendas sociales de Canarias. CAM Collection, Alicante.
Burgos CAB, Burgos. Chirivella Soriano Foundation, Valencia.
Contemporary Art Andalusian Centre, Seville.
Center for Art and Media. Karlsruhe. Germany
Universidad Politécnica de Valencia.

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